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-<code bash> 
-apt-get install phpldapadmin 
-Leider erkennt die Installationsroutine oft das Basis-DN von openLDAP nicht richtig. Daher muss man das in **/​etc/​phpldapadmin/​config.php** noch manuell anpassen. 
-<code php> 
-/* A convenient name that will appear in the tree viewer and throughout 
-   ​phpLDAPadmin to identify this LDAP server to users. */ 
-$servers->​setValue('​server','​name','​LDAP MZ Cloppenburg'​);​ 
-/* Examples: 
-   '​',​ 
-   '​ldaps://​',​ 
-   '​ldapi://​%2fusr%local%2fvar%2frun%2fldapi'​ 
-           (Unix socket at /​usr/​local/​var/​run/​ldap) */ 
-/* The port your LDAP server listens on (no quotes). 389 is standard. */ 
-// $servers->​setValue('​server','​port',​389);​ 
-/* Array of base DNs of your LDAP server. Leave this blank to have phpLDAPadmin 
-   ​auto-detect it for you. */ 
-/* Five options for auth_type: 
-   1. '​cookie':​ you will login via a web form, and a client-side cookie will 
-      store your login dn and password. 
-   2. '​session':​ same as cookie but your login dn and password are stored on the 
-      web server in a persistent session variable. 
-   3. '​http':​ same as session but your login dn and password are retrieved via 
-      HTTP authentication. 
-   4. '​config':​ specify your login dn and password here in this config file. No 
-      login will be required to use phpLDAPadmin for this server. 
-   5. '​sasl':​ login will be taken from the webserver'​s kerberos authentication. 
-      Currently only GSSAPI has been tested (using mod_auth_kerb). 
-   ​Choose wisely to protect your authentication information appropriately for 
-   your situation. If you choose '​cookie',​ your cookie contents will be 
-   ​encrypted using blowfish and the secret your specify above as 
-   ​session['​blowfish'​]. */ 
-/* The DN of the user for phpLDAPadmin to bind with. For anonymous binds or 
-   '​cookie','​session'​ or '​sasl'​ auth_types, LEAVE THE LOGIN_DN AND LOGIN_PASS 
-   ​BLANK. If you specify a login_attr in conjunction with a cookie or session 
-   ​auth_type,​ then you can also specify the bind_id/​bind_pass here for searching 
-   the directory for users (ie, if your LDAP server does not allow anonymous 
-   ​binds. */